Peaceful Plus

The Peaceful Plus mod allows you to craft various items normally found while playing on higher difficulties. Well if you’d rather not deal with mobs and still want to utilize the items they drop, then this mod gives you that opportunity.


With the ability to craft these items you can craft all different heads as well. You’ll randomly find bones to craft skeleton skulls.


Rotten flesh crafted from spider eyes and beef will give you zombie heads.


Gunpowder gives you creeper heads.


Wither bones will give you wither skulls.


And beef and pork will give you human heads.


Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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  1. Honestly, this person didn’t think this all the way through because how do you get bones and a spider eye without killing? Aswell gunpowder and a slimeball, they did think about how to make flesh but forgot about everything else…

    March 13, 2018
    • They showed how to craft the slimeballs. And you can find gunpowder in chests in dungeons and mineshaft, and sometimes even in temples and villages.

      June 16, 2018