Better Chests

The Better Chests mod gives you the ability to upgrade chests in game with various perks. The perks are pretty fantastic and really streamline a lot of processes but also drastically improve chests overall. You can also craft an upgradeable bag that acts as a portable chest you can access right from your hotbar.


The chests are easily upgraded by simply right-clicking the upgrade on a placed chest. The Cobble Upgrade maximizes mining for you by creating cobblestone within itself. All you need to do is supply the chest with a bucket of water and a bucket of lava. Then just sit back and wait for it to produce all the cobblestone you need. It’s essentially a very compact grinder for cobblestone.


The Unbreakable Upgrade is an essential upgrade for your most valued items. It resists blasts of all kind and keeps your items safe and sound.


The furnace is a great addition to chests if you have many items to smelt, little coal, and not enough furnaces. Just drop in any items, they don’t all have to be the same, and they will start to smelt. There’s no coal needed to add since you already added that with the upgrade piece!


The Player Feeding Upgrade is best used with the bag since it will automatically feed you when your hunger gets low. Just add food to your bag with the upgrade and don’t worry about needing to eat again.


And what chest related mod would be complete without the ability to move the chests in question? With the Aromic Hammer you can shift+right click any of the chests and move them wherever you like. This is incredibly helpful if your chest has tons of items in it.


There are many other upgrades to play around with as well so be sure to explore all this mod has to offer. It does need an additional API to run found here.

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