Extra Features

The Extra Features mod adds a bunch of new add-ons and minor improvements to your Minecraft experience. Wolves and cats have improved abilities like not receiving fall damage if tamed and they won’t take damage from their owners unless they are sneaking. Plus they’ll also teleport directly to you if you happen to use a /tp command or you fly far away.

You can change the color of the block border to whatever color you choose.

You can also place a torch from anywhere in your inventory with a single keystroke. It’s Q by default, but can be changed in the config.

You can filter the items you want to be able to pick up. So if you’d rather not pick up rotten flesh or dirt blocks, then just filter out those blocks in the settings! You can add any block you want.

And you can kill all creatures in a given radius with the simple /killall command.

Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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