Atum 2

Atum 2 is a new desert dimension inspired by Egyptian mythology. It adds hundreds of new blocks to find and utilize as well as a bunch of new tools and artifacts that can benefit or be detrimental to the wielder. It can be reached by crafting a sandstone portal and tossing a scarab in a pool of water. You can make the portal any size you want so long as the four pillars at each corner surround a 3×3 pool of water. So you’ll need to place 25 sandstone blocks as the first layer. Then 16 more sandstone blocks on top of that layer around the edges to form the pool. Then you’ll need 8 more sandstone blocks to make 2-block high pillars on each corner. After that you will need to fill the pool with water and construct a scarab using three gold ingots and one diamond. Toss the scarab into the pool and it will change to a golden, orange color. Now you can hop in and explore the world of Atum! To make a return portal you’ll need to use Large Limestone Brick blocks since sandstone doesn’t exist in Atum and you will likely need to make it underground since water will evaporate above ground.

The world you enter is a dusty, desolate place filled with enemies and and animals and nice biomes to explore. The visibility is very narrow due to the constant barrage of sand in the air causing a dense fog all around you while above ground. This can make travel difficult but the world is massive and full of artifacts and new materials to craft intricate armor and tools to help you navigate the treacherous terrain.

You will come across all sorts of desert trees and plants with new wood types to add to your building materials.

And this world isn’t empty either. There are many tribes and survivors to encounter that may help you or harm you so approach with caution. These people are similar to the villagers and mobs you typically find in the overworld only with new abilities and items to trade for so long as they are not hostile. You may come across a type of villager known as the Curator and they are similar in trade to Piglins. They will trade coins for washed relics and you can use those to trade with other villagers. You will likely find dirty relics scattered across this world and they can be turned into washed relics simply by dropping them in any water source. But sometimes the relics are very fragile and can dissolve in the water so be aware that not every dirty relic you find will be useful.

There are many buried ruins and structures to discover and these are likely the easiest source for items and artifacts to help you survive this new realm.

There are even pyramids with mummies and booby traps but also loot galore if you can manage to get back out alive. You can also summon the Pharaoh in this pyramid by placing a torch made from an item found in Atum called Nebu. Nebu is known here as the crystallized blood of the gods and will spawn randomly throughout the land. Because Nebu is also very rare, summoning the Pharaoh can be a potentially difficult and long process to achieve.

Once you have enough Nebu to make the necessary amount of torches then find and head to the pyramid and work your way inside to the Pharaoh’s tomb. Place the Nebu Torches onto the Quandary Blocks found within the tomb and that will activate them and summon the Pharaoh!

There’s so much to discover in this new land and it adds an excellent addition to your Minecraft exploration.

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