Aquaculture 2

Aquaculture 2 is the follow up to the mod of the same namesake. It makes a huge improvement to fishing in Minecraft by adding a series of upgradable rods, tons of new fish, and a new ore, Neptunium.

This mod adds 3 new rods ranging from iron to gold to diamond. When you craft a tackle box you’ll have the ability to store bait and add upgrades to your rod. There’s also a variety of hooks to choose from and each one will give the rod some neat perks like luck, extra durability, and adjusting the way you cast for ranging what can be caught.

Then all that’s left is to fish!

You can even display your fish now with a fish mount.

And if you happen to come across some Neptunium you can craft a new set of armor and tools!

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Aquaculture 2, 4.20 / 5 (35 votes)