Aquaculture 2

Aquaculture 2 is the follow up to the mod of the same namesake. It makes a huge improvement to fishing in Minecraft by adding a series of upgradable rods, tons of new fish, and a new ore, Neptunium. This mod adds three new tiers of rods ranging from iron to gold to diamond. Each rod will replace two of the sticks you would use to create a standard rod with either two iron ingots, two gold ingots or two diamond ingots. There is also a fourth rod that you can craft when you obtain enough neptunium. Each tier will increase the durability of the previous tier so the higher tier rods will be great tools to upgrade as your new fishing ventures ensue.

You can craft a tackle box with this mod as well, which will come in handy with the other key items you will now have access to. When you craft a tackle box you’ll have the ability to store bait and add upgrades to your rod. There’s also a variety of hooks to choose from and each one will give the rod some neat perks like luck, extra durability, and adjusting the way you cast for ranging what can be caught. The tackle box has 16 inventory slots for extra storage and it has four upgrade slots for your rod. So after you craft your rod and tackle box, place the rod in the top slot on the right and below that you can add a hook, some bait, fishing line and a bobber. All of these will increase your chances of catching fish as well as the wide variety of new and rare fish this mod adds. There are three types of bait you can use, such as worms, minnow, and leeches. Minnow and leeches can be found by simply fishing for them and worms can be farmed using the worm farm machine also added with this mod. And once you add those items to the rod of your choice in the tackle box, just remove the rod and the items will come with it and ready to start fishing with it. You can remove and replace any of the items and bait by putting the rod back in the tack box slot and the items will reappear in their slots to be changed.

Then all that’s left is to fish! You can craft hooks from iron nuggets or diamonds that will have a chance of not using up your rod’s durability. Hooks made from gold nuggets will increase your fishing luck. And double hooks have a 10% chance of catching two things from one cast! There are several other hooks you can choose from and store in your tackle box for whatever your fishing needs like adding a note block that can alert you of approaching fish or using a netherstar to both increase your luck as well as help prevent durability loss with the rod. You can even dye your bobbers and fishing line just like you would leather armor. These are purely cosmetic features but nice to have variety with your new fishing tools.

You can even display your fish now with a fish mount. Fish mounts are made with five wood buttons and one hook and can be made from different types of wood so you can customize them to match your display walls. This mod adds over thirty new fish to the game so the fish mount can very easily be a way to show off your new fishing skills by trying to collect and display all of them!

And if you happen to come across some Neptunium you can craft a new set of armor and tools! A full set of Neptunium armor will grant you some special abilities as well. The helmet will help you see better underwater, the chestplate will allow you to breathe underwater, the leggings will make you weightless underwater, and the boots will increase your swim speed. So you can easily become a god of the sea with a full set of Neptunium armor. You can even use Neptunium to craft the last and highest tier fishing rod. The Neptunium rod, while being vastly more durable than the previous tiers, will also make it so that fish are more likely to bite when using it. And to further complete the usage of Neptunium, this mod also allows you to craft all of the standard tools that will also greatly increase their usage underwater. Normal tools are much weaker and slower when used below the depths but with these Neptunium tools you will have the same or greater speed underwater as you would on land not to mention they are all much stronger than most of the other tools available in the game.

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