Advanced Compass

The Advanced Compass mod adds a bar to the top of the screen that gives detailed information beyond simply what direction you are traveling in. It shows any entities and players as well as death waypoints and how far away they all are.

By hitting ‘p’ you can access the settings for the mod and make a variety of changes to suit your needs. You can set when the compass is displayed with the Show Mode option. It can be always on or activated only when you have a standard compass in your inventory with options of only showing if you have the compass in hand.

There’s also an option to show your coordinates either above or below the bar if you want to have them always displayed.

The bar gives a bit more detailed information for where entities are than simply showing an icon for them. It also has the distance the player is away from them as well as arrows pointing down or up depending on if the entity is above or below where the player is standing!

And you can even set what entities are shown on the bar. So if you are looking for a specific mob or animal, just uncheck all the ones you don’t want shown!

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