Abyssalcraft adds a new biome to the game that is pretty unassuming during the day but evil lurks when the sun goes down. You’ll know when you’ve found it due to the stark contrast in typical colors. But be careful exploring the Darklands.


There are many new blocks with this mod that make for stronger armor and weapons than vanilla Minecraft. Fix yourself up and then craft a Gateway Key. This will allow you to open the portal to the next level in this mod, the Wasteland.


The Wastelands is a bleak and desolate realm full of strongholds and even more odd mobs than before. There is another level beyond this though but it requires summoning Asorah and crafting his Dreaded Gateway Key from the gem he drops.


And once completed you’ll end up in the Dreadlands, a hazy, red stretch of land unlike any you’ve seen before. But once again another boss is awaiting you after you build his alter. Cha’Gorath rests deep underground.


This mod is pretty massive when you delve into its layers. There’s a whole new dimension to discover but be prepared for the worst and arm yourself well. It won’t be easy.

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Abyssalcraft, 4.01 / 5 (171 votes)


  1. It’s too hard to find the dreadbeast, I mean, “It’s located deep underground” you think that will help, there is over 4 million blocks of underground in most worlds, and you expect me to find a tiny chamber of rooms with a red, three-headed butterfly in it, in survival this mod sucks, even in creative it’s not that good, haters gonna hate dude, this mod isn’t as awesome as it looks.

    April 8, 2015