Zyin’s HUD

Zyin’s HUD is a fantastic addition to your screen display. It gives you a multitude of options to configure. From simple coordinate displays to elaborate mob info, this mod will seriously improve your Minecraft experience.



Mob info is a great addition for anyone knew to breeding or establishing an animal farm for the first time. It will give you the necessary info needed to breed by showing the type of food on the animals. The icon will disappear when they’ve been tamed or bred and will reappear when they’re ready again. Simply press the ‘o’ key and the stats will pop up automatically.


Durability info and Potion timers will put a display on your screen showing the life left in your tools as well as how long those potions have left before they wear off.


The Eating Aid and Weapon Swapper are quick options for streamlining your gameplay. Pressing F will switch your weapons between sword and bow. And pressing G will allow you to eat any food in your inventory even if it’s not in your hotbar.



Another great addition with this mod is Quick Deposit. It will automatically detect what’s in a certain chest and if you press X while opened it will select only those items to deposit. This works great if you’ve got a chest only designated for dirt or cobblestone, etc. Now you can keep things organized both quickly and efficiently.


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