Village Info

The Village Info Mod adds a useful block of text pertaining to villages in your world when you hit the debug key (f3). It will tell you everything you need to know about a village including how many villagers inhabit it, how big or small it is, and even how far away the nearest village is.

If no village is nearby you’ll simply see “No Village Found”. If you’re beyond 32m you’ll see “Distant village found”. But if you happen to be within 32m you’ll see“Nearby village found” although you’ll likely be close enough to see it without this info. However, this is a handy feature if you’re actively seeking out a village and can’t easily find one. Now you have an alert to help guide you and it will show you how many steps away you are from the nearest one.

Once you’re in a village you’ll see just how many villagers live there. You’ll also see how many can breed and how many houses are present. The number of houses and subsequently villagers will determine if Golems will be present. If there are at least 21, the color of the house count will be green and a Golem will likely spawn there.

The info you receive will also show how many Golems are present and this is important if you have a bad reputation with the village. If your reputation shows -15 or less then you may be attacked by resident Golems.

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