Turkey Utility

The Turkey Utility adds many new smaller items to the game to help boost your skills and defense as well as a few new tools, food, and buckets. It’s a bit of a mish mosh of a few random tweaks rolled into one mod.


There are a few new armor options to add to your collection. Cobblestone armor now exists for easy to make starter armor and you can craft a turtle shell to wear that will block damage taken from behind. A Super Fabulous set of armor exists as well. It’s bright pink but has the same strength as diamond armor. It’s made from Fabulous Diamonds newly added with this mod.


The infinity bucket utilizes the power of Ender Eyes to give you an infinite amount of water and lava when used. And you can create an infinite bucket of air as well that aids in removing water or lava one block at a time.




One of the neater tools added with this mod is the swatter. If you’ve ever encountered silver fish in Minecraft then you may find this tool extremely useful. It’s made specifically for those smaller mobs and works wonderfully with one hit kills.


And a particularly useful feature is advanced compression of coal and obsidian with this mod. You can now super condense both to maximize your storage. Plus you can now compress flint as well. This will really help limit the amount of space these items take up if you tend to have a surplus of them in various chests.


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