The Barrels Mod

The Barrels Mod is a super simple mod but it has some pretty drastic implications. I would recommend its usage would fair well for big mining expeditions or large storage rooms.


This mod simplifies a storage chest by having three different levels of storing one item at a time. The first ‘Barrel’ tier will hold 64 stacks. The second ‘Ender Barrel’ tier will hold 1024 stacks. And the third ‘Quantum Barrel’ tier will hold 4096 stacks. For comparison a standard double chest only holds 54 stacks at a time.


The benefit to this mod is obviously very large storage capabilities in significantly smaller real estate but the drawback is that only one item type can be in a barrel at a time. So this is where a large storage room will benefit the most as you can have several times more cobblestone on one wall than if you lined up a bunch of chests for storage.

486 stacks

98,304 stacks

One other neat feature of this mod is quick storage. Say you have an inventory full of Cobblestone and don’t want to go through moving it all one at a time. If you select the item and double right click on the barrel it will automatically add all of that particular item to the barrel. It really makes for quick clearing of your inventory so you can go right back to mining.

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  1. This doesn’t work for me. I tried to place a barrel down in game, and the game crashed. So I got rid of the mod.

    September 19, 2014
  2. I had same problem as Catherine 🙁 had to remove mod

    September 25, 2014