Stoneholm, Underground Villages

Stonehelm is a mod that simply adds villages built deep underground in long winding stone brick halls and stairs. They somewhat resemble dungeons except they’ve been expanded like mineshafts with everything villagers need to keep it thriving! You’ll typically come across one of these villages by discovering a large stone well with a ladder or set of stairs leading deep beneath the dirt.

They can be largely abandoned and and very dark so come prepared with protection and torches. The abandoned villages are pretty run down in some areas with walls crumbling and gaps in the ground. And zombies are sure to spawn here much more frequently than above ground.

But there are some that are still bustling with villagers that all have homes built right into the walls.

Keep winding through the corridors and you’ll find the typical village staples like smithing stations and farms which should help you get started if you want to take over and expand this underground city or simply interact with the villagers like above.

They’ve built fully functional and operational work rooms and there may even be traces of fresh grass and other plants!

This mod does also require an additional API found here.

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