Simple Refinement

The Simple Refinement mod is a great way to bridge the gap between iron/gold ores and diamond. This simple mod allows you to smelt iron and gold one more time to become “refined”.


What this means is that these will now retain a 50% increase in durability when used in tools. So while these won’t be as strong as diamond still is, they will help when you haven’t been able to find as much but iron and gold are a plenty.


This is especially helpful if you’re playing on a harder survival mode and it doesn’t give you too much of an edge over vanilla. This mod gives you just enough to help speed things along and it’ll give a slight advantage to all tools capable of being crafted with gold and iron.



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Simple Refinement, 3.69 / 5 (49 votes)


  1. When I was finished smelting the iron ingot, it became refined, but when I crafted my pickaxe, it did not say refined. I turned on advanced tooltips by using the keys F3 + H, and it had the same durability as the iron pickaxe made from regular iron. Please fix, this mod has good potential.

    November 3, 2016