The Shipwrecks mod gives Minecraft some much needed content added to oceans and beaches. It adds a variety of sunken or beached ships that you can plunder for loot.


First you’ll need the Diving Suit. This will allow you breathe and see better under water. It will slow you down a bit but the pros vastly outweigh the cons here. The pieces are a bit pricey but are well worth it for infinite underwater breathing.


From there you can explore the watery depths and find sunken treasure. You’ll run across varying ship sizes ranging from tiny rowboats to very large waverunners!


bigger boat


And as an incentive to hunt for larger ships, the loot also grows the bigger the ship gets.


You may also come across a few Stone Spires that contain many ores not typically found under water.


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  1. I just wish there was an option to fix the boat(s) and get them afloat.

    May 25, 2017
    • Maybe if you use the ships mod to fix it after putting blocks into its damaged areas

      May 26, 2017