Progressive Automation

The Progressive Automation mod aims to fast track various grinders and auto-farmers and other advanced machinery into single blocks. You’ll now take up significantly less space to fully automate your world. The miner is a machine capable of mining and storing so you don’t have to. So if it’s cobble and ores you need but you’d rather skip the work, set yourself up some of these. All you need is a fuel source and the appropriate tools and you’re in business. It works by mining straight down and replacing the blocks it mines with cobblestone.


The Planter will plant and harvest crops you supply it so long as they are two blocks above the machine.


The Tree Chopper will plant and chop trees for you. Simple enough and very effective. Load up any type of tree you wish and this machine will take care of the tedious work for you.


The Animal Farmer is a great asset for managing your livestock so you can keep your mind on more important matters. This will milk cows, sheer sheep, collect eggs and even breed your animals for you. If you need these items but would rather not watch over a big group of animals, the farmer is there to pick up the slack. Just come back and collect from time to time.


And if you need many items crafted but would rather not spend time recreating the same recipe over and over, build yourself a Crafting Machine. Simply load in your desired recipe, stock it with materials, add fuel and watch the magic happen.


All machines can be upgraded and go from wood to diamond level tiers. And each come with individual upgrades to increase their range.

Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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