MmmMmmMmmMmm (Target Dummy)

MmmMmmMmmMmm is a simply but effective mod that adds a customizable target dummy to practice your attacks and see how much damage your chosen weapons will deal. It is quite a simple concept but incredibly useful to gauge the level and strength of your arsenal. All it requires to craft is a hay bale and an armor stand. You can place it anywhere that fits your needs and remove it by either breaking the block below it or right clicking it with an empty hand.

The target dummy has an innocent looking head as well as a target painted on its chest. When you strike it with either a punch or with any weapon you will see two indicators pop up. The overall damage will appear above the dummy’s head and that can show up as multiple numbers with multiple strikes and then above your inventory bar you will see the damage per second (or DPS). These numbers will obviously change based on what weapon you hit it with as well as what enchantments are applied to them. So unenchanted weapons will typically show the base level damage you can deal and sometimes when you slightly miss or hit different spots, that number will be lower or higher. This can certainly help with any sort of aiming and practice to become much more skilled with any given weapon. Enchanted weapons will then have higher numbers for each strike and you can test different combinations of enchantments on any different tier of weapon.

You can use ranged weapons on the dummies as well and get similar results as well as basic training for aiming and what are the best distances and angles to position yourself. You could easily set up a target range with dummies at varying distances and angles to truly maximize your ranged defenses.

What makes this mod particularly useful is that you can add armor to the dummy and then you can test the effectiveness of your weapons based on how strong the armor is that you give it. Start playing around with different configurations with all of the armor choices and try striking it to figure out if you should upgrade your current weapon choices to better prepare for stronger enemies. You will quickly notice that the damage dealt once the dummy has armor is significantly lower than without so you can use that information to improve your arsenal.

You can also add a turtle helmet to the dummy to mimic any water based mobs as well as give it a pillager banner to change it into a pillager mob. This is yet another great feature to help practice your fighting abilities against these mobs and further improve your overall defense techniques.

Another small feature is the ability to right click the dummies with shears and that will change the default skin to an alternate skin!

Dummies can be placed anywhere you want and in any direction you need. All you have to do is place it like you would any armor stand and it will orient in that position and direction. You can even place a pumpkin or jack o lantern on them and put them in your fields to act as scarecrows. They will help protect your crops by scaring away any destructive animals and you can still use them as target practice while you’re harvesting your crops!

This mod does require having the Moonlight API installed as well in order to run. It can be found here.

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