Magic Clover

The Magic Clover mod adds a four leaf clover hidden in random patches of grass. This gives much more use from those vast fields of tall grass and makes the game a bit more fun.


When you break grass, there’s a chance that clovers will drop from them just like seeds do sometimes. The benefit to these clovers is they have a random item that drops when you place them back on the ground.


Most items will be less than common items but you may come across really common blocks you can find anywhere. It’s all luck of the clover. But in rare instances you’ll find much more valuable blocks. These can range from Dragon Eggs and Diamond tools/armor to full Diamond (and other rare ore) Blocks.


But beware when using the clover as it’s not always good luck. In some cases there is a chance that a creeper will spawn instead of an item. So it’s not always good that comes from these but it may be worth the risk.


Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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