Floocraft is a teleportation device directly inspired by the Harry Potter series. It turns an ordinary fireplace into a networked transporter. Just create a fireplace similar to the picture below with a burnable source at the base.


Light the fire with flint and then toss in some Floo powder. They range in uses so be sure you use them smartly.


Then you’ll need a Floo sign to link your fireplaces. Just type in a name and select “Connect to Network”. And do this with every fireplace you want linked.





Then just walk in and select where you want to go. You can create many different locations all accessible so long as they are in the network.


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  1. Hey, just got the mod and everything looks brilliant, I just need a little assistance.
    When I walk in and select where I want to go, it never transports me :/
    If this is just my game I will definitely still keep the mod – it looks really great!
    Thanks for any advice <3

    September 24, 2016
  2. Simply build a 3×3 fireplace, put netherrack on the floor front, then put fire on the netherrack, then right click with floo powder, then the flames turn green

    June 14, 2018