Extra Buttons

Ever wanted to use a button for a redstone contraption, but just couldn’t figure out how to disguise one well? This is the mod for you!


This mod comes packed with button features. There are 16 colors of button, and each lights up when next to a redstone lamp!



The recipe to craft each one is very simple, all you need is colored stained glass, redstone, and a stone button!


This mod also has some extra features to help you out with minecart track features!

Stone Panel Button: A larger version of the stone button that’s super convenient to hit from a minecart.


Wood Panel Button: A larger version of the wood button, which is a great block to use as a target for arrows!


Capacitive Touch Block: A button with no major function. Any part of the block can be pressed to send a redstone signal in all directions. Good to use as an alternative to trapped chests, if you need an easy to hit switch while moving quickly down rail.


Player Detector Rail: A version of the detector rail that only turns on when a player is in the cart.


Player Powered Rail: Combines the powered rail and the Player Detector Rail into a single piece. Holds empty carts still, and launches carts when a player gets into them. Also emits a redstone signal!


Delay Button: A high-tech button that can be set for 4 different delay values. Sneak+Right Click with empty hands to cycle through they delay values. Lot of potential!


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