Extended Workbench

The Extended Workbench Mod allows you to craft larger and stronger tools, weapons and armor. It doubles the size of a normal workbench and gives you the larger crafting menu to be able to create the extended tools/armor.


Extended tools will mine 100% faster and are 100% more durable while being able to reach 50% farther than normal tools. And extended swords will do 0.5-2 hearts more damage than normal swords. Each tool needs a specific hilt in order to be crafted. Wood needs sticks, stone needs wood planks, iron needs cobblestone, and gold and diamond need iron ingots.


Extended Armor is crafted essentially the same as normal armor just slightly larger. It will last 50% longer and absorb a deal more damage than normal armor, plus they each have a bit of an upgraded look to them.


This mod is pretty great for playing on hardcore as it gives you a bit of an edge but still maintains a vanilla experience and won’t cheapen the gameplay.


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Extended Workbench, 4.18 / 5 (173 votes)


  1. Great mod! Defo recommend for long mining trips, can’t wait to try out all the different options.

    September 25, 2014
  2. Pretty amazing, but how do you craft an extended hoe?

    May 3, 2017