Explorercraft aims to add new places and blocks to discover while enhancing the normal minecraft experience. You’ll come across 3 new biomes and new terrain generation with bolder environments and blocks. You’ll notice right away how much more foliage and vast hills have been added with this mod.

You’ll also notice massive new Ash trees that are truly a sight to behold. They generate a lot of wood with how large they are and add some new blocks to build from if you’re looking for new wood types.

But this mod isn’t surface only. Start digging and you’ll see several new stone blocks to build with as well. Plus there are new ores added that each have their own armor and tools: Jade, Ruby, and Amethyst.

You’ll likely stumble across new dungeons as well. These are pretty ominous with several mob spawners but there’s also the likelihood of some great loot to be had!

And back up top you may see a home high up in the hills belonging to an old wizard. You can trade with him with items you find in the new dungeons. Plus he usually has an enchanting room and brewing stands.

There’s so much more to discover with this mod and that’s a big part of where its name is derived. So go out and explore again!

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