Exp Translation

Exp Translation is a safe way to transfer XP from you in order to store it so as not to lose it in death. All you need is the translator block and empty vials to fill up and your hard earned XP can now be locked away in a safer location for later use.


When you have a bunch of XP and you don’t need to use it just yet, get some vials and right click the translator. Each vial will hold 1 lvl of XP so if you have a lot of XP then you’ll need a lot of vials.


You can then take your filled vials wherever you deem them to be the safest. If you need to get some XP back then simply right click the translator with filled vials and they will transfer back to your XP bar.


Since you may get loaded up on XP vials if you happen to hoard them all, then you can easily stack your vials. Single vials will stack up to 64 but you can also stack 9 into a large XP vial that also stack to 64 so you can have even more storage space!


Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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