EasterEgg Mod

The EasterEgg mod hides 32 different eggs around your world. They can either be big or small and can be found anywhere.


But these are more than just random eggs for you to find. Each egg contains a surprise if you click them. There are more than 200 random drops so there’s fun in finding the eggs themselves as well as discovering what’s inside!




If you shift+right click the eggs they will drop normally and you can then carry them with you. You can then place them again to open them up or keep them on a shelf for decoration or chest for storage.


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EasterEgg Mod, 3.94 / 5 (166 votes)


  1. If the suprise is a bird or a chicken/baby chicken, can we tame them?

    July 5, 2016
    • It will already be tame and follow you

      July 29, 2016
  2. this mod is so epic

    July 17, 2016
  3. I love it!

    July 20, 2016
  4. Does this work with orespawn?

    September 18, 2016
  5. Amazing

    October 13, 2016
  6. hi, this mod is amazing!! surprize your friends and enjoy!!!

    March 30, 2017