Culinary Construct

Culinary Construct allows you to combine any food item you have into a convenient and tasty soup or sandwich. All you need is the Culinary Station and then you can start making delicious meals from scratch!

The station allows you to add up to 5 ingredients at a time to either bread or a bowl. This is where you can get creative and craft the sandwich of your Minecraft dreams.

There’s no wrong recipe but the mod will grade your meals depending on what you combine and how many ingredients you add. If you hover over your meal it will show you how tasty or disgusting your creation is. This mod combines the effects of each ingredient you add and it will either provide a bonus for how tasty it is or a penalty if it ends up less than desirable.

And what’s great is you can overload the slots with a bunch of ingredients and instead of overstuffing your sandwich, the station will continue allowing you to craft additional meals with the remaining ingredients.

You can even name your meals with the tag box at the top of the station GUI.

And this mod doesn’t stop at sandwiches. You can craft some interesting soup recipes with the same method. Just add a bowl instead of bread and then toss in your ingredients.

But the best part about the soup option is you can then add potions to further boost the effects of your meal. This is where you can get even more creative and get some buffs from your soup as well as a health boost.

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