The CaveBiomes mod makes caves all around more dynamic by making them more realistic and giving them their own biomes. Caves are now much more interesting and provide better exploration rather than being a place simply for mining ores.


Most caves will be full of stalactites and stalagmites, which already gives them a more authentic atmosphere. But you’ll also find whole new worlds down random corridors. Blocks with vines are much more prevalent.


Random ice patches are scattered throughout:



You’ll even come across some unexplainable areas that contain blocks of Lapis and Glowstone:


Dungeons are even improved and randomized. You’ll still come across them just about as often as you previously did but now they aren’t as obvious and may not even be encased. You have the chance of walking right in to a dungeon on whatever path you stumble on so be prepared to fight whatever spawns out at you.



And mobs can have altered appearances based on the new biomes they spawn in. Now you’ll see a broader variety of enemies to further improve your overall cave dwelling experience. Give yourself a hefty new challenge with the CaveBiomes mod.


Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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