Biosphere Mod

Risugami’s Biosphere Mod is a world generation mod that will generate a world filled with massive glass spheres each containing a different biome. Ores can be found underground and also in the ore spheres outside the main domes. To start a biosphere world select World Type: Biospheres in the world options when creating a new world.




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Biosphere Mod, 4.04 / 5 (365 votes)


  1. really cool mod! but the biomes and the biospheres are wrong (for example desert in forest)

    August 31, 2014
    • thats probably because it generates a world, but doesn’t put biomes in their places. it probably just builds the blocks.

      January 4, 2015
  2. It is good but the problem is that there is not enough places to explore

    May 14, 2015