Attained Drops 2

Attained Drops 2 allows you to farm a variety of items that you’d normally only find by killing mobs. This allows you to take on less risk throughout the game and farm these items anywhere! But first you’ll need to craft a soil enricher that will make the surrounding dirt blocks farmable.

You’ll then need to make sure the soil is vitalized by the item you want to grow there. So take a bone or blaze rod or any enabled item and right-click the soil to enrich it.

Then you’ll need vitalized seeds which are crafted using soul essence dropped by mobs. Start planting these on the vitalized soil and over time you’ll see the vines grow.

And eventually bulbs will sprout ready to harvest!

The bulbs can be harvested using silk touch or you can break the vines themselves to get the item right away!

This mod requires an additional API found here.

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