Dalek Mod

If you are a Whovian (big fan of Doctor Who) you will love this mod. It adds a lot of the features in the world of the Doctor to Minecraft. You can find things like Daleks, costumes, and tools. You get to use the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, sonic blaster, and other tools!


In addition to other friendly mobs you can meet in the game (like villagers) you get to meet the famous Clara! She will follow you closely.


You can find traditional Doctor outfits like the fez and scarf made famous by the show.


Daleks are added as a randomly spawning mob, but be careful, they are very violent.


In addition to all these, there are many other outfits, dalek colors, and pieces of equipment you can use. Some are featured here. For a complete list, check out the mod’s forum page.

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