Vending Block

The Vending block is a simple tool to aid in unassisted trading of items in Minecraft. It works excellent in multiplayer servers and acts as a replacement for villager merchant systems. It works just as its name suggests and vends items for currency. It can also tailer to your environment by changing the base to whatever block type you choose.


As the vendor you can right-click the machine to bring up the GUI. In there you can set the item you’re selling and the price you’re selling it at. Here you have to physically leave the items you want to buy in the buying slot. Then just stock up the item in the storage slot and it’s ready to go. From here buyers can then right-click to purchase what you have listed for sale if they have the item you want to buy. And for added safety the vending machines can only be broken by the person who crafted it.


The Multiple Vending Block allows you to sell up to four types of items at the same time. You can also add more per square to set the quantity.


The Advanced Vending Block is a bit different. It functions the same as the standard Vending Block only the buying slot has an option to pick whatever you want to buy as the set price. This is handy if you don’t have a particular item or you don’t have enough of a particular item to set the price you want. Say if you want to sell something for emeralds but you don’t have any to put up yourself then the advanced block is a better alternative.


This mod is a very easy solution to add a trade option to your server. It’s simple to use and can be set up by anyone in the server so more items can be made available to sell/trade all over.

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