Traverse: Legacy Continued

Traverse: Legacy Continued adds 17 new biomes to Minecraft giving the player a broader world to explore. With the Arid Highlands, you’ll have more variety in a desert setting with trees and hills peppered about.

And the Desert Shrubland continues to add greenery to the drier biomes.

The Lush Swamp is a pleasing upgrade to traditional swamps giving a more lustrous atmosphere in an otherwise groggy location. The foliage is greener and seems like a place you could easily settle down in.

This mod seems to lean heavy on improving biomes with more tree varieties and that’s noticeable with the Mini Jungle. This gives an alternate use of jungle trees in a smaller form factor amongst many hills and water sources.

And perhaps the most stunning biome added with this mod is the Autumnal Woods. If you favor the trees when they start to change in the fall then this biome alone will satisfy that desire. You’ll see scores of trees constantly in a state of autumn coziness.

These few examples simply scratch the surface of everything this mod improves on in your everyday Minecraft journeys.

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Traverse: Legacy Continued, 3.90 / 5 (21 votes)


  1. does this work with biomes o’ plenty?

    June 30, 2020