SlashBlade gives you new katanas to fight enemies in Minecraft. It adds a traditional soul to the game but it also adds some fantastic fighting animations as well. Plus they look stylish when sheathed on your hip.

The attacks are what make this mod so special because it really immerses you in wielding a katana. There is a wide variety of blades to choose from and each vary in speed and attack damage. You can perform simple slash attacks with either a left or right-click.

You can also hold shift when an enemy is nearby and that will automatically target them and change your aim directly at them.

And you can even combine slashes for epic combo finishers!

This mod also has appropriately stylish stands for your blades and they come in a variety of display types like single stands and dual wall mounts.

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SlashBlade, 3.77 / 5 (142 votes)