MK’s Bowyery

MK’s Bowyery is a mod that adds five, upgradable tiers of bows to the game. The purpose of the mod and making the bows tiered is a way to expand archery in the Minecraft world by making better quality bows over time and not simply relying on enchantments or stronger arrows. It also correlates to the standard tier levels of all other tools and weapons you can craft.

The bows start at the lowest level with leather, which has similar strength and durability as if it were a stone bow but leather just makes more sense as a material to use. These bows are easy to craft but obviously lowest in strength and great to have available just like any other standard bow. The iron bow is self explanatory and really just the next level up from leather.

What is likely the best early tier bow to craft would be the gold bow which has the infinity enchantment already built into it when crafting. This means you’ll be able to conserve your arrows for much longer simply by crafting this bow and not endlessly grinding and eventually being able to enchant one with infinity much later in the game. Now you can take advantage of an infinity bow and focus on your uses for archery instead of worrying about your arrow inventory. You will have to enchant the other bows like the diamond bow which next level up from gold. So the trade-off is getting a bow with infinity much quicker but at the lower strength and durability cost of the gold bow.

This mod does also add two new basic arrow varieties that you can choose to craft depending on your particular needs at any given time. There are lower cost Villager Arrows that will yield four from two sticks or three from a normal bow. They are weaker but you’ll be able to craft more at a time using fewer materials and if you have a higher tier bow, then you can make up the strength difference with that more powerful bow to fire them. You can easily multiply your arrow inventory with these since you don’t need flint or feathers and if you already have normal arrows and you’re running low then you can break those down into villager arrows and get two additional ones from just one arrow. And the other arrow is the barbed arrow that costs more to make but is significantly stronger no matter what bow you use. So you can tailor strength over quantity if you need the more powerful arrows to get whatever the job is done. They’re definitely more resource heavy as you’ll need four arrows to craft one or iron nuggets instead of flint but if you need to really amplify your damage dealt then these are great additions to the game and add to the overall battle and survival strategies.

There’s also a quiver that you can craft that could be very beneficial for retaining your arrow stash. When you hold the quiver in your off hand it will have a 50% chance of saving the arrows you fire. So you’ll notice the arrow count won’t deplete every few shots giving you essentially free arrows and more shots than you would have without holding the quiver at all.

And the final tier of bows this mod adds is a netherite bow that’s obviously much stronger and more durable but it has a built in flame enchantment right as you craft it. So not only will you have a significantly more powerful bow that can deal a hefty amount of damage compared to the lowest leather tier but you’ll have flaming arrows by default every time you fire them from this bow. And because they deal fire damage you will still be able to cook any food drops from animals automatically.

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