This mod adds a variety of interesting landmines that can be hidden in plain sight right after arming them. Just place one down like the standard explosive landmine and shift + right-click it with an empty hand to arm it. It will then sink into the block you placed it on ready to be triggered!

What’s neat about this mod are the different types of landmines you can craft. The launch landmine will do exactly as the name suggests: launch the entity that steps on it directly up! This could be a great deterrent without destroying any blocks around it, plus they are reusable and simply need to be armed again.

Some landmines, like the fire variation, require an additional item before arming. So this one needs a fire charge after you place it. Just right-click the fire charge onto the landmine and then arm it normally. The fire landmine will briefly ignite whatever or whoever steps on it and you can reuse the mine again with another fire charge.

To cool things down a bit you can set some snow landmines that will explode with snow all around it. This one needs a snow block to activate it first before arming.

And if you want to ambush your enemies with a zombie horde, then place a few zombie landmines around! Zombies will immediately spawn as soon as this one is triggered.

There are a few more landmines to play around with in this mod so check it out and enjoy! This mod does require 2 additional APIs installed found here and here.

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