The Juicewares Mod is a collection of items and blocks to expand your game and give you some neat abilities like night vision goggles, a diving helmet, and a clock that allows you to control time.



There’s a rather peculiar block you may come across when mining. The Meaty Ore is a block that will drop some sort of meat be it pork, chicken, beef, or anything in between. It does however have a chance of dropping zombie flesh so it’s not entirely beneficial. But it is a neat way to acquire a food source when you’re deep underground.


The cabinet block is a new storage item that doesn’t hold too much but it does look really neat. The first top and bottom items will be shown on the front of the block. So if anything you can have all the same items in it while still seeing what is inside from the outside.


BlazeFlowers are now a convenient way to grow blaze rods and blaze powder. You’ll need smoldering seeds from a Blaze but after that first interaction, provided you keep your stock healthy, that may be the only time you’ll need to encounter them. They grow on soulsand and rather slowly but the process can be sped up immensely with a lava source underneath the soulsand.


And you can now grow hemp which adds a new source of rope to the game.


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  1. Wow really helpful! 🙂

    May 28, 2015
  2. Wow! i created a pantry with this it was awesome!!!

    February 23, 2016