Hygiene Mod

The Hygiene mod is a neat little tweak that adds taking better care of yourself in Minecraft. It adds a hygiene bar above your health bar and will periodically deplete the more you sweat and get dirtier throughout the game whether that be through mining or building and certain activities will deplete the meter faster. To help clean yourself up, this mod adds soap and a shower that will fill the hygiene meter back up!

You can first make soap by collecting cornflower in glass bottles. This will give you the glass bottle plant that you can then add water to giving you the glass bottle plant water. You’ll then need to place that in a smoker or furnace to make liquid soap.

After you’ve made liquid soap you’ll need to place that in a cobblestone well that this mod provides.

Once the cobblestone well is filled with liquid soap you’ll then need to shift + right click in order to make a soap bar! This will be the key component to refilling your hygiene bar that much quicker when you just use the soap or place it in the water for your shower.

And that’s the next item added with this mod to clean yourself up efficiently and completely. The shower is a 1×2 box with the standard shower fixtures and door to keep the water in. But in order to use the shower you’ll need to add a water source below it. With the soap you just created and the purified water also added with this mod you simply need to put some right under the shower where you placed it. There are also pipes on the bottom of the shower for that added authenticity of functional plumbing you can now install in your Minecraft homes!

You’ll need to replenish the soap and water from time to time to ensure you’re bathing in clean water so be sure you have access to the spot under the shower block. And then you’ll be ready to use it and clean yourself up! Just open the shower door, walk in, and if you click the floor then the door will close behind you. Then simply click the shower handle and if you did everything correctly the water should start falling from the shower head.

You’ll see your hygiene meter slowly replenish and once the bar is full you can consider yourself sufficiently cleaned again! But every time you take a shower or get wet you’ll need a way to dry off and this mod has you covered there as well. There’s a towel you can craft and keep handy nearby your shower like you would in real life. And if you see the notification that “You are Wet Dry Yourself!”, just grab a towel and right click with it in hand to dry off.

This will turn the dry towel into a wet towel as you can imagine and in order to get the towel dried off again all you have to do is place it in a smoker or furnace and it’ll be ready to go for the next time you need it just like you’d have to in your own dryer.

There are some key aspects to what makes this mod an added challenge in your daily gameplay and those are the negative effects you’ll endure by not cleaning yourself as well as not drying off. If your hygiene meter runs out then you’ll start experiencing nausea and slow movement. And if you don’t dry off then you’ll be weaker until you do. So be sure to keep clean and healthy just as you would outside of the game. This could be a great learning tool for proper hygiene practices and make for an added survival skill to keep up with if you’re playing on a survival map.

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