Extra Boats

Extra Boats adds 3 new types of boat upgrades to Minecraft. With this mod you can now add a chest to a boat that gives you aquatic storage transportation! Just sneak+right-click and the chest GUI will pop up.

If you need to move several parties across the pond then simply craft a large boat! You can carry up to four animals, villagers or friends at once and although it’ll be slower than normal boats it will be much easier to move entities that normally won’t follow you across a stretch of water. They just need to be near the boat and they will either sit in it automatically or might need a gentle nudge.

And the furnace boat functions as a motor that runs on coal. Just place some in the furnace by sneak+right-clicking with it in hand and have a seat. The boat will move on its own so long as the player is actively sitting in it. The boat is limited to 3 minutes per piece of coal but it will last longer with additional coal added.

This mod allows you to craft these boats out of any available wood type in the game and even some other mods that add extra wood blocks.

This mod requires an additional API found here.

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