Craft Convenience

The Craft Convenience mod adds more functionality to standard Minecraft recipes and even improves a few. For instance, you can still craft stained blocks but now you can craft multiples up to 8 at a time. Just place the blocks to be dyed in the same crafting table surrounding a single piece of dye. This allows for gathering dyed materials at a much faster rate.


The same technique can be applied using blocks of slimeballs to make sticky pistons.


And now you can craft stairs with a much simpler recipe as well as using far less materials. Glass bottles can also be crafted with either glass panes or glass blocks. Panes yield 3 and blocks yield 8 bottles.



Even better with this mod is that you can easily upgrade your wooden tools using the proper ingots placed like the tools they represent.


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Craft Convenience, 4.16 / 5 (83 votes)


  1. The default crafting recipe of stairs has always bothered me. The amount of mass in 4 stair blocks exactly equals 3 full-sized blocks, so why should it take twice that to make them? I love this mod just for fixing that.

    September 17, 2016