Cloud Boots

Cloud Boots are a simple add on to your Minecraft wardrobe with drastic aerial enhancements. All you need is 4 golden feathers and you’re ready to craft your boots.

The boots allow you to jump much higher and farther than you normally can without them. This makes for scaling mountains and trees with ease. You’ll end up jumping the height of about 4-5 blocks with a single tap. This can make for easy escape from enemies simply by climbing to the tallest tree in seconds.

And reaching the top of tall cliffs with hardly any effort at all. You can jump to all those high edges without ever needing to add or remove a block.

The same goes especially for caves and canyons. All too often you’ll come across an exit from your underground treks only to come face to face with a massive wall of stone and dirt. The bright, blue sky is mocking you from above as you scramble to make a set of stairs to get to the top. With Cloud Boots you can instead jump your way to freedom!

And the best part about these boots is fall protection. You can fall from otherwise certain death heights and not sustain a single injury!

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