Burn in the Sun

Burn in the Sun is a neat, albeit pretty morbid tweak that allows you to set what entities will burn during the daytime. Normally only skeletons and zombies (and similar variants) burn when the sun comes up but now you can configure any mobs to attempt to brave the scorching heat. You’ll need to know a bit about editing the config file located in the .minecraft folder or you can use a mod called Configured found here to edit the mod within the game. The screenshots below are using the Configured settings but the same commands simply need to be applied to the config file and saved before launching Minecraft. You have the ability to add any mobs you want by adding the command “minecraft:[mob name]” to the file.

So if you want horses and sheep to burn add “minecraft:horse, minecraft:sheep” and burn they shall.

You can have it set to burn players as well as yourself, which can make for a very interesting survival tactic. It might also be morally fair if you already decided to set fire to the innocent and unsuspecting animal mobs.

And all of this can be reversed or changed at any time by resetting the config file.

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  1. Finally! A 1.17 mod, I have been waiting for so long! Thank you so much, Kreezxil!

    August 16, 2021