Medieval Weapons Mod

The Medieval Weapons Mod adds a variety of things to Minecraft to make it more medieval-themed! These are all the new additions to the game:


The Shovaxe has the power of a shovel, axe, and pickaxe all in one. It never runs out.


The Battleaxe is 1 damage point stronger than a sword.


The Crossbow fires out arrows. There is a Fire Crossbow that shoots ignited arrows.


The Hammer is very powerful, very efficient and very expensive.


The new foods are medieval-themed and offer very good healing and hunger-satisfying effects.

This mod also expands Minecraft’s features. It allows you to use emerald to make tools and weapons, with the same recipe structure as any other material.

There is also a new gem and armor set in the mod, called Zenitte. You have to find ruby ore, mine it, then use smelted ruby, emerald and obsidian (which turn liquid) in a recipe to make one zenitte gem. You then use the zenitte to create armor with the same recipes for any other material. The process is shown here.

making zennite2

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    i love it its awesome aint no mobs gonna catch this

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    hi this mod rocks!

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