LittleBlocks Mod

Time and again I’ve created a building that incorporated several complex redstone wirings in order for a door or wall or floor to open up. The problem with complex circuitry is that it takes up a significant amount of sub-floor or inner wall space. Enter Little Blocks.

Wood block Frame

With the Little Blocks Mod you can turn what was one cube space into 512 individual spaces into which you can place any block you desire; most notably a complex redstone system in one cube instead of say 50.

sizecomparison smallgate

All this mod requires is for you to place a dirt block into a crafting table and you’ll get the Little Blocks Wand. A simple left click on an empty cube turns that into the Little Blocks cube and you’ll now see that you have many smaller cube spaces within that one cube to place your blocks.

LittleBlocks Space

You can really get creative with a mod like this as it opens up a whole new (tiny) world of opportunity from tiny villages to complex circuitry.

Important: this mod requires you install an additional mod that can be downloaded here to work correctly.

DownloadForumInstall Guide


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