Instant Blocks Mod

This mod provides a bit of a shortcut for some of the more grueling tasks in Minecraft. Say you want a simple starter house but don’t have time or inspiration to build it, there’s a block for that. You really want to start mining and don’t want to slug through the layers just to get to level 12, there’s a block for that. Don’t know how to build a mob grinder? There’s a block for that.


Instant Blocks makes some complex structures as simple as placing the desired block and right clicking it with one of the added wands to instantly turn that block into its associated structure. Here’s your starter house:

Instant House

Here’s your adjacent starter mine descending to level 12.

Instant Mine

You’ve found your first mob spawner and now you want to grind for xp; here’s your instant grinder.

Instant Grinder

This mod is easy and definitely serves to be a great source of inspiration for bigger builds. Say you open a new game and have no idea where to start, well the Instant Blocks mod can get you on your way with a house, a mine, and even a starter farm.

And for added fun you can even add in a rainbow skydiving simulator!

Rainbow Skydiving

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Instant Blocks Mod, 4.19 / 5 (161 votes)


  1. Awesome!

    March 2, 2014
  2. This mod is cool

    April 16, 2015
  3. this mod is very good

    May 28, 2015
  4. does it spawn nice houses

    September 17, 2016