Fancy Battleaxes

If you’ve ever wanted more weapon options than a standard sword, then be sure to check out Fancy Battleaxes. It features a bevy of axes made from standard tool materials, stone, iron, gold, and diamond:

But it also adds axes made from silver, titanium, sapphire, amethyst, ruby, and nickel. And those have a slightly higher attack damage stat than diamond depending on which material you use. Or you can use them via creative mode or commands.

You’ll likely need another mod that adds a few of those blocks but if you already have one installed then you should be good to go. The axes are slightly slow but that means they’re heavier and therefore deal more damage to your enemies. They deal twice as much damage as traditional axes so there’s a strong benefit to use these if you want a heartier weapon in your inventory.

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Fancy Battleaxes, 3.89 / 5 (117 votes)


  1. nice

    July 5, 2017
  2. The best way of doing a mod

    July 30, 2017
  3. What are the gem axes made from?

    August 10, 2017