Craftable Animals

The Craftable Animals mod allows you to craft all the available mobs plus it has an add-on for the Mo’creatures mod that allows you to craft those mobs as well.

crafting recipes

Once you create the “Animal Bow” and have the desired crafted animal in your inventory then it’s just a matter of shooting the bow in your farm or anywhere else really…

bow image

…and voila, instant animal.

animal with bow

There’s even a minimizer tool that will allow you to shrink or re-grow your animals. And you can even fill empty Spawner cubes with an animal of your choice.

baby after

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  1. HGcrafter says:

    I Like the Backpacks Just idk How to Open them Please Help….

  2. TheAnswers says:

    HGcrafter just hold it in your hand and leftclick it (:

  3. I love the tow many items mod

  4. They really should add this to the real minecraft haha, would be so awesome!

  5. stampy cat says:

    hi guys its stampy cat here and this mod is so cooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cake

  6. Username* says:

    The instant block mod is awesome. it’s got every thing,i love the starter house,the starter mine to level 12,the instant swimming pool and the instant grinder block

  7. afeef2 says:

    i love it
    hell ye

  8. steviejack098 says:

    i like the dirtbike mod.:)

  9. Mikethepike says:

    Every time I try to play minecraft on the toomanyitems & the furniture mod it crashes

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