Airship Mod

This mod adds easy to craft customisable airships to Minecraft! You can craft an airship by following the crafting guide below.


Once you have created an airship right click to place it on the ground and wait a few seconds. The colour of the airship can be changed by right clicking on the wool with dye.


In order to fly the airship it is necessary to have coal in your inventory. When you are ready right click to enter.

W – Fly forward
A – Turn left
S – Reverse
D – Turn right
Z – Go up
X – Go down


Arrows can be fired (as long as you have some in your inventory) by pressing R.

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  1. zdbros says:

    LOVE THIS MOD! Me and a friend got it and were playing LAN together, I’ve gotten 1 full Zenitte suit after an hour. LOVE THE MOD!

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